The Annex

The Annex is the building diagonally across from the main campus. We want to use this property to meet the needs identified in our city: vocational training and affordable housing.

The Annex as a gift

The Annex, diagonally adjacent to the main campus, was originally a tire center and was gifted to the church decades ago. 

It has served various purposes through the years: a youth ministry space; a space to store and distribute clothing to victims of the Marshall Fire and to those experiencing homelessness; a space for other nonprofits and community groups. 

The Annex was not designed with these needs in mind and current operations are putting a strain on the building capacity. It is clear that we could use this space and property much more productively. 

Our opportunity

Since we own the property outright, we have a unique opportunity—perhaps even a responsibility—to transform the property into a more dynamic space that is responsive to the current needs of the Boulder community.

Our vision

First Floor

The Need in Our City:
Basic needs provision among vulnerable and disadvantaged populations in the Boulder area

Our Vision:
A first floor with a kitchen and the space to adequately care for the needs of those experiencing homelessness.A bakery and a cafe that serve as a vocational training center for marginalized people.

Second & Third Floor

The Need in Our City:
Effective vocational training

Our Vision:
30 affordable housing units that provide access to employment, transportation and amenities.

Fourth Floor

The Need in Our City:
Affordable housing

Our Vision:
A community event space or additional housing.

Estimated costs

Contact us to learn more about investment opportunities. We’ve worked with top industry professionals and can demonstrate substantial cash flow models.

Annex Timeline


Annex Construction Begins

We hope to start construction in April 2023. The Annex project is expected to take about 12 months to complete, with the Annex open for use by July 2024.


Annex Applications Begin

Application for building permit will be submitted in December 2022. Application to CHFA for 9% affordable housing tax credits will be made in February 2023. Our congregation will be invited to approve the financing structure on the Annex. Pinkard Construction to finalize Guaranteed Maximum Price contract prior to financial closing. We hope to receive the building permit from the City of Boulder in March 2023.


Term sheet and operating agreement in development with Moss Denver to operate the Annex event space. A Precious Child has agreed to partner with us to provide workforce training to foster children aging out of the program. This training will done through the Annex coffee shop and retail store.

Application to the Boulder Community Foundation for a community assistance grant was submitted mid-September for the amount of $9000. We developed a prospectus for investors in order to solicit private investment in the Annex during the Fall of 2022.


Proposals were received from three general contractors at the beginning of August. Application was submitted for the second time for the Boulder County Worthy Cause grant. We requested $1 million for construction. Pinkard Construction was selected as the preferred general contractor and was given a notice of award at the end of August. Pinkard will work with the design team on the final construction documents to provide constructability and pricing review.


Construction Documents/ Project Bidding/ Building Permits

With entitlement in hand Grace Commons can proceed to final design and bidding of the Annex project. Construction drawings were developed and submitted to the City of Boulder for review prior to bidding and building permit applications made in alignment with the bidding process.


Additional Funding Sources

Proposals for funding of the Mercy Ministry portion of the Annex project began in summer 2021.  Grace Commons was unsuccessful with its grant application for Boulder County’s Worthy Cause funds in 2021 and will re-apply in August 2022.


Planning Board Approvals, Entitlement Approval & Low Income Housing Tax Credits Application

Planning Board review and approval and subsequent City Council review was received in January 2022. The City Council review and approval will entitle Grace Commons Church to build the project that has been reviewed and approved.  Entitlement will allow Grace Commons Church to submit its application for Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) to the State of Colorado Housing Finance Authority (CHFA). 


Site Review Submittal

Site review documents were submitted to the City in January 2021, and comments received in February.  A second site review package was submitted in April 2021 that addressed comments from the Design Advisory Board and City staff.  Comments were received from the City in early May 2021, and a third submittal made to the City in June 2021.


Initializing Financing Structure

Worthy cause grants
Social impact investors
Other gifts outside of Grace Commons


Concept Plan to the City of Boulder

The concept plan was submitted to the City and reviewed by the Planning board in October 2020.  Comments were received from the City in early November 2020. 


Architects selected / contracted


Facility Plan & Financing Structure Ahead of Congregational Launch

Discovering, listening, vision development (extensive sub-committee, focus group and other congregational interaction)
Architectural design and construction planning.
Vision plan release as part of capital campaign for main campus work.