Why are we changing our name?

We’re changing our name and public identity to better extend the invitation of grace that God freely offers to all of us. In our culture, name changes signify an important and exciting new direction and declare something new to the world. We want to make our heart more transparent and better understood to our community.

What is the meaning behind Grace Commons Church?

There is goodness that God lovingly lavishes on every living human—common grace. There is also a grace that is extraordinary—a grace that is possible in Jesus. Receiving grace through Jesus Christ is not always obvious or understandable. We want our name to let people know that we will be the common ground, the shared space, the community resource where people can begin to find a spiritual home before they even know they need one.

Are there other Grace Common Churches?

We will be the only existing Grace Commons Church. We are excited for the story this unique name will tell to our community.

Won't people think we went out of business and re-grouped as another church?

They might. But, our leadership decided to make these changes now because of vision rather than as a move of desperation in 20 or more years from now. Our name change, along with our campaign, is because of a vision for how to proclaim God’s grace for our city. We want our name, our building, our way of being to all be rowing in the same direction. 

How does our new name, Grace Commons Church, relate to our legacy of being almost 150 years old and also a Presbyterian church for all those years?

We are still, and will always be a Presbyterian church. At the center of the reformed tradition, is a proclamation of God’s sovereignty and his unending expression of grace. Our name holds on to that legacy in a public way. Our theology and polity remains and will also hold as they have.

Will our church still be Presbyterian?

Yes. Even with a new name our church will continue to part of ECO: The Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians. ECO has a Constitution made up of Confessional Standards and a Polity. As we prepare for our upcoming 150th anniversary in 2022, we are grateful for the faithful and ongoing legacy of our church’s Presbyterian heritage.

When I make a donation to the Capital Campaign will my donation be applied to the main campus and Annex or just the main campus?

Financial gifts to the For Boulder With Love capital campaign will be applied only toward the main campus. The Annex project will be funded by alternative sources. not connected to this campaign or our congregation’s annual giving.

 What about parking? The architectural renderings don’t show many parking spots.

We are currently working on new ways to develop additional parking options. We are grateful to be located half a block from two large city parking structures, and we know onsite parking is important. 

What is the timeline for construction?

We are pursuing entitlement for both projects concurrently and expect approval by June 2021.  The main campus project will move ahead with the funding in hand and construction is expected to start in late 2021. The Annex project will take a bit longer due to the complex agreements that are required for the tax credit financing and state/local grants. So we are expecting to start construction in summer 2022, but it could take longer.

Who will manage the affordable housing units and the event space at the Annex?

The Annex project will have a property manager for the affordable housing units, an event space manager and perhaps an overall building manager. We may be able to join the roles of overall manager and affordable property manager. The event space will work closely with local event planners, and will require (our thinking at this time) a professional event planner to book the space.  The affordable housing manager is a role that has been provided by someone like Thistle Property Management in Boulder for many of the local affordable housing units.

How will the lovely gathering places with ample bathrooms be prevented from becoming "hang-outs" for the homeless like the library has become? This prevents them from being a welcoming space for families with young children and others.

There are a number of factors that are different between us and the public library when it comes to the homeless population:

1) We believe that creating nearby spaces with consistent services at the Annex will draw our homeless population somewhere else.

2) As we do now throughout the week, we almost always welcome the homeless population, but we don’t allow napping, loitering, camping or hanging out. 

3) Unlike the library we are allowed to to define the use of our space and the length of stay for a guest in a way that a public library cannot.

Our new vision has such a strong emphasis on being "For Boulder." What if I don't live in Boulder?

First Pres has always been a church that gathers people for worship, discipleship, fellowship and service. Our shared, combined ministries and spaces have a reasonable circle of influence. We want to double down on going even deeper in that place, which for us has always been in the heart of downtown Boulder.

Yet, at the same time, we want disciples of Jesus to intently and intentionally be nourished to be scattered to minister in their context. Our church will also double down on equipping people from all towns to live courageous lives for Jesus in their workplace, neighborhoods, sport leagues and volunteerism around Boulder county. 

Come worship. Be nourished in community. Enact the gospel together, here in the place that we have—but then also live the gospel throughout the week in the place where God has planted you.

Is For Boulder With Love different from Love Local?

Yes. Our vision is to become a church and a people who are For Boulder With Love. Love Local is the most recent of our annual discipleship themes. The previous two have been: Eat Together and Shaped by Scripture

It sounds like debt will be used to fund portions of the projects. Who assesses and approves the use of debt? What are the plans for making ongoing debt service payments?

Debt will be required to complete this project. That debt will be serviced by the revenue streams of the preschool on the main campus, and the event space at the Annex. Any debt financing will be examined by our Trustees and recommended by our Session before it comes to our whole congregation for approval.

What is the financing structure for the main campus?

First the financing structure for the main campus is built around the capital campaign. The $8 million campaign will provide most of the funds for the planned improvements. In addition we have been working with a preschool provider who has launched a faith-based preschool partnership where First Pres Boulder would share in 60% of the excess revenues (profits) from the preschool. The pro forma for this operation forecasts more than enough revenue to support any debt incurred for the main campus project. The timing is such that we will have 3 enrollment cycles in hand before we commit to any debt for the project. Those 3 cycles should give us confidence in the pro forma forecast, and support our overall project budget, or not.  We expect to borrow about $5–6 million to complete the project. Initial forecasts are for this loan to be repaid in about 12–14 years based on the current preschool revenue forecast.

How can I get involved in this campaign?

Pray for our church to be For Boulder With Love: to seek God with all of our collective heart, soul, mind and strength and love our neighbors as ourselves. Prayer Guides and For Boulder With Love devotionals will be emailed every week. JOIN THE EMAIL DISTRIBUTION LIST and pray for our church together.

Attend an Advanced Giving Dinner at church on February 11, 12 or 13 to learn more about the vision and how to be involved in it. All are welcome! RSVP

Join a For Boulder With Love Small Group (Wednesday nights at 7pm at church) for sermon-based Bible study, prayer and fellowship. SIGN UP

Seek the Lord about how you can give to the For Boulder With Love capital campaign with both joy and sacrifice. Talk with your friends and family about it. Prepare to bring your financial offering on Commitment Sunday, March 15.

Thank you for your engagement!

If you have any more questions about For Boulder With Love, EMAIL US and we will respond to you soon.